7 wk Jazz Singing Course Thur 12 March 7pm In Het Koorenhuis

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Jazz Singing Course for an adult learner of any level 

Where: In Het Koorenhuis Prinsegracht 27, 2512 EW Den Haag

When: 7 consecutive weeks every Thursday week commencing 12 March 2020 

What time: 7pm - two academic hours with a break in between

Who is it for: An adult learner +16

What level: All levels 

How many people per group: max 10

What will be covered: Fundamental vocal training with warm up and a new jazz standard every week

Who is my instructor: core tutor Elena Dana & special guests

Will I need to read music: No, the lessons are taught by ear 

What language is the lesson in: The class is taught in English

What will I get by the end of course: The aim is to prepare you as a solo jazz vocalist, develop confidence and to build on the skill you already have, to develop a jazz ear and to sing jazz songs in tune while working with and without microphone 

What do I need to bring: Bottle of water, enthusiasm for learning and your love of jazz! ♥

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