About Sing Jazz 

Sing Jazz in The Hague is a community driven project and is the fourth Pop-up School of Vocals, which was originally set up by Elena Dana in 2014 in London U.K. in aid of opening access to an adult learner of all levels and abilities to jazz vocal training, and to encourage professional performing artists to share their knowledge and experience on the subject. The project strives to remove access barriers by introducing affordable or subsidised classes in a fun loving atmosphere. The school offers drop-in group singing workshops, masterclasses, courses and exclusive showcases. READ MORE HERE 

What will you learn during our classes?

- How to best utilise vocal technique in speech & singing

- How to develop strong and lasting support, control & stability of vocals

- How to learn a complex jazz tune in an easy way and train a jazz ear

- How to successfully develop a strong stage presence 

- How to build on connection with a song, emotion and audience

- How to deliver a jazz song in a confident way on stage

To showcase your talent we stage events for an opportunity to perform a song of your own choice in a music venue!

When and where

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Our Venues

Happy Bird Studios 


Your instructor: 

Elena Dana & visiting teachers 

About the Founder

Elena Dana is a founder and a main tutor for the Sing Jazz in The Hague project. 

Educated to a Masters Degree, Elena has been trained as a Music Educator at the British Academy of New Music, as a performing artist at the Kiev Stage School and as a Cultural Manager at the City University, London.

Travelling around the world and meeting many inspirational people along the way, Elena has acquired much influence from the world music genre. She has generously shared heart-felt lyrical compositions in her singing performances while touring around the UK, USA, South America, India and Europe between 2007-2017. Blending the jazz and gypsy music genres together, Elena has introduced a cinematic sound to her original songs, while interpreting jazz standards in an elegant forties style.

For the last seven years Elena has coached over a hundred of professional and aspiring singers throughout the UK via private sessions, group workshops and classes. Working for others, Elena conducted vocal coaching sessions for the British Academy of New Music in London; facilitated a number of vocal training workshops for the internationally acclaimed producer Dash Arts at the Latitude Festival, at the Rich Mix Dacha Festival & the Midsummer Festival in London; facilitated singing classes in performing arts schools around London, such as Bodens, Theatretrain, Make Believe, Spotlight & Stagecoach; held one-off workshops for the Arts Council's Johnston Sheard's Kunstraum project in London and ESMS junior school holiday club in Edinburgh; set up three pop-up schools of vocals consisting of over thirty individually devised workshops and masterclasses with five students' showcases; hosted an audition for the ITV X-factor in Edinburgh; and had produced and run jazz singing courses for the City of Edinburgh Council. 

Over the last twelve years, Elena has promoted and coached over a hundred songwriters, musicians and aspiring singers while organising regular events to showcase their talent, and set up four pop-up schools dedicated to vocal training. From Sep 2019 Elena's vocal training project is documented and shared in a video format on Patreon for continuous self-guided training and to raise funds for our future work, to improve our services and to offer a discounted tickets to our classes to those who can't afford a full price. Read more about our work plans and join us through this link: www.patreon.com/elenadana