About Sing Jazz 

Sing Jazz in The Hague is a community driven project and is the fourth Pop-up School of Vocals, which was originally set up by Elena Dana in 2014 in London U.K. in aid of opening access to an adult learner of all abilities to jazz vocals, and to encourage professional performing artists to share their knowledge and experience on the subject. The project strives to remove access barriers by introducing affordable or subsidised classes in a fun loving atmosphere. The school offers drop-in group singing workshops, masterclasses, courses and exclusive showcases. CONTINUE READING HERE

What will you learn during our classes?

- How voice works in speech & singing 

- How to use breathing for relaxation and in singing

- How to warm up your voice in a healthy way

- How to train your voice for a better vocal control

- How to learn a complex jazz tune in an easy way

- How to connect emotion to your song

- How to execute a jazz song in a confident way 

At the end of each school term we run showcases to give students an opportunity to perform a song of their own choice on stage in a music venue

When and where

Visit our Classes page here to BOOK  

Our Venues

Happy Bird Studios 


Your instructor: 

Elena Dana & visiting teachers